Availability of Network Cabling Services in Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey

There is a wide availability of network cabling services in the Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey areas, ranging all the way from design to installation for a variety of institutions and business markets. Some sectors that make use of cabling services include healthcare, industrial, commercial, universities, education, government, financial and retail services.

The Spectrum of Common Network Cabling Services Includes:

Structured cabling: Includes facilities and equipment analysis to ensure efficient engineering and designing of network systems. Installation and maintenance of structured cabling systems such as workstations; telecommunications etc. is also a part of structured cabling services.

voice data cabling testing center city

Testing of the network cabling.

Audio visual integration: Networking is widely categorized into audio and video distribution. The aim of audiovisual integration is to connect your business to and with technology. The designing of the AV solution is also included in services offered. It can also involve the following throughout the lifecycle of the AV system:

  • Procurement of AV equipment directly from manufacturers
  • Fitting of hardware
  • AV linked set-up
  • Programming
  • Customer training, and
  • Maintenance.

Security services: The key factor while deciding on security services should be the certification of the company you intend to hire. Security is a key analysis feature whenever one wants to decide on a network solution. One must consider the amount of sensitive information that resides within individual workstations in an organization. Security services will not only protect your current data, but also prevent foreign infiltration while minimizing backup costs. The three major security systems commonly used include access control systems, intrusion detection and video surveillance.

Firestop division: Efforts to stop fires will not do much good for the customer if the focus of the company is limited to the installing cables while neglecting an improperly installed fire stopped penetration which is beyond the scope of the project they are assigned.

24/7 Services and Emergency Services

Most companies provide a day-in and day-out service for the customers making network installation a faster and hassle free task. Emergency services provided by Bridgecable mostly include the following network cabling services:

  • Installation of network Cables
  • Fiber Optic Cabling (if Fiber of the backbone structure cabling system gets damaged)
  • Outside Plant Cabling (which can be done with both with Fiber and Copper when Underground lines get cut)
  • Paging Systems (which is outage the of key safety paging system caused by unexpected electrical surges)
  • Coax (which includes outage of CATV equipment), and
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) malfunctioning

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