Summer Refresh of Tutorials About Network Data Cabling From Bridge Cable | Bridge Global Services, the leader in Network Cabling Installation Services, has done it again and are offering new installation videos from jobs that they’ve done around Philadelphia. The YouTube channel went through a very quick hiatus and now it’s back with fresh and interesting videos for their valued subscribers.  

Bridge cable network data cabling services

South Philadelphia Data Network Cabling Installation

 Our first video is a full Data Network Cabling installation that was recently completed in the South Philadelphia area. This is definitely a must watch because this video features a fresh installation tour from a newly built construction site until it was all done and dressed. Paul will show you around the dirty and skeletal construction site and how the plan is going for the installation.

The video will progress from bare to an incomplete yet a clean I.T. room set-up, now at midpoint of the installation with the main room with walls and floor. In progression, the rack was installed and the main room is half furnished, cables are still everywhere but Tyreke is keeping them in place. At the latter part, the video will show you the completed installation. It’s closing time for the team and took the initiative of managing the cables and screws by attaching them to the rack to avoid losing them. The video you’re about to watch is a complete job done from the start to finish. From a dirty construction site to a very organized main distribution room. 


Data Network Cabling Installation – Rack and TV Mounting

This next video is a small installation in an office in Philadelphia. In this video, the job is almost complete. The purpose is to show you how things are done nice and neat. They are working on a 9u 2-pannel rack and Tyreke bundled out the cables with his expertise. It is basically a tour of a simple and nice work done for a small office that will be soon filled with office cubicles. Cables will be properly branched and properly situated to be distributed before the cubes come in. This video will also feature a clean pre-configured Wireless Access Point mounted at the ceiling. Plus a bonus is their TV Mounting coverage laying all the possible different options for media connection like a bunch of HDMI cables and a mini audio wire ready for connections.  

Basically what you will see in this video is a typical office installation. Bridge Cable provides you different options for your office installations. And they are available for emergency cases 24/7.  


Warehouse Network Cabling Installation

For our third video, it’s a quick standard Warehouse Network Cabling Installation. This is an example of a job with a fast turn-around time without compromising the quality of the service made. This is a CAT6 Data cabling job and was done very nice, neat, and tight to make sure that the warehouse is damage-free.

What you need to know about CAT6 cabling installation is that it must be properly installed and terminated to make it work effectively and meet specifications. The cable must not be kinked or bent too tightly, the wire pairs must not be untwisted and the outdoor jacket must not be stripped back more than 0.5 in. It also requires cable shielding to improve a CAT 6 cable performance. This basically means that Bridge Cable had been an expert of a crisp and outstanding installations in the past years.   

Just almost at the end of this one minute video, it goes around real quick to show you how everything was done neat and nicely. This is how Bridge Cable Team always do their Data Cabling installation jobs. Quick, precise, detailed, proactive, nice, and neat!   

The above three videos we are introducing to you from Bridge Cable’s YouTube channel are they are just a few of the services the team is very proud of.  We would like to ensure that when you call Bridge Cable for Data Cabling jobs, it’s not just worth your money and time but something that will exceed your expectations.

In one of the videos we posted  Top 5 Reasons to Choose we have provided you reasons why we are trusted by most companies in their Network Cabling issues, but other than that, we are going to continue making and shooting our service installations so you can decide fairly if you are going to call Bridge Cable. Our channel features reviews from clients and even tutorials for some basic network jobs. This is just one good reason for you to subscribe to our channel, like and share.