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While most of the time, you’ll hear about Network Data Cabling Installations being called for commercial spaces, big and small offices, and companies. We also receive a lot of calls for Residential Network Installations in Allentown, PA, and we are going to talk about the difference from an Office Network Installation.

Residential Network Installation is a very different customized job. We would want to share more about what you need to know and what are concerns you need to consider before getting network installation residential services for your home. We’ve prepared a list for you!

One of the reasons why your house is a lot different than an office is because your residence is your showplace. An office is mostly drywalled and drop ceilings but in your house, it is mostly closed walls and closed ceilings. This makes an installation customized. You’ve invested much with the interior design and it should remain aesthetically beautiful. With so many things to consider like the new technologies, security systems, and programs you wouldn’t want a network installation service that would just drill a hole in your home just to make things as quick as possible. First things first, you should consider a company that knows that difference, and second, you have to expect time to make sure that the cables are in the right place and correct pathways and the cable are not running all over the place.

Yes, we’ve mentioned about not drilling holes but it means not JUST SIMPLY drill holes. When a Network Installation Service deals with interior houses, studs will be a lot different. The first thing your Residence Network Installation Team must do is to check and explore your house and analyze the best work they could do without compromising the appearance of your interiors. There can be different pathways following the different structures of the house and that’s the reason why there are holes to be expected.

Another thing to be considered are the locations for the installation in parallel to how much you will have to think about the cost. Getting a jack under the beam of a window or putting a jack from one side of the wall to the other side of the wall of your kitchen is possible but in considering these locations within your house and its different pathways might mean a higher cost.

One of the best benefits of doing a site survey is to know more about your options and what you envision. The best network cable installation service in Allentown, PA will definitely give you options. Brick walls for example, there can be a lot of options but they can be flexible on what you would like to be done with your interiors. You’re the boss!

You will be expecting a lot of dust and dirt when it comes to an installation. When cables are being installed the best installation services are typically very clean but you have measures to take part in when your house i being done. Putting away your pictures and putting dust covers are just some of these examples.

In relations to “Dust & Clean Up“, clearing the paths in your house will make a better and faster installation. This means getting rid of all possible distractions like your laundry or a squeaking rubber duck on the floor. Helping you move your dressers and couches means it will take more time and more of a budget. We know you get the picture.

Residential Network Installation

You’ve read it right, a Residential Network Installation is a lot more different than what you expect. The best Network Installation Service can’t be just a team you hire from Craigslist that go and start drilling the holes. It needs more than just that. It requires explorations, inspections and studies. This is to make these cables go through your walls without ruining your thousand dollars interior. Each house is special as each house has a different structure. That means the same structured cabling can’t be done in one house to another. Ensure you get the professional service by calling #1 team for residential network installation in Allentown, PA.

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TV Mounting

One of our favorite residential services that the Bridge Cable team offers is TV Mounting. This can range from a single TV in a single location, multiple TV’s or even a TV wall display! This featured service is available to you whether you have a residential project or a commercial project. Our expert network cabling technicians have done it all!

Want to get an inside look at some residential TV Mounting by our team? Click here to view one of our technicians mounting a single TV in a furnished basement in an Abington home.

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