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Access Control Systems – Bensalem, PA

Every type of public and commercial premises needs some form of security system in place to prevent unwanted visitors, from straying into the private or secure areas within the building or surrounding vicinity. Security systems that restrict access to various parts of a building to unauthorized individuals are generally referred to as access control systems. These types of physical security systems are widely used in all types of public buildings and commercial premises such as office buildings, hotels, retail outlets, restaurants, and sports facilities, etc.

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Components of Access Control Systems

Access control systems in Bensalem, PA have the following four main components that are all
connected together with a special type of low voltage cable designed for an access control system.

Access Control Systems

  • A security door
  • An electronic contact and lock
  • A Type of access panel
  • A request to exit and lock the device

The security door is a specially designed door that can be made of glass, wood or metal and uses an electronic lock and contact. Glass doors are the most aesthetically pleasing types of security doors, though they do come with a higher price tag and are a pain to keep clean on a daily basis. Wood doors are mostly only used in residential properties and hardly even with-in public buildings. Metal is normally the choice of security door to use, due to their value for money, fire ratings and the fact that you can run cables through the actual door.

access control systems in Bensalem, PA

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Electronically Locked Doors

These electronically locked doors can only be accessed by authorized personnel using a variety of access devices and the most commonly methods used are:

  • Key Pads Panels – These are similar to using an ATM machine
    and you just need to enter the correct pin number within the
    panel to get access to the area.
  • Card Readers – The user needs to hold a security card, fob or
    identity card up to the reader
  • Swipe Panels – The user needs to swipe a security card
    through the slot provided.
  • Biometric Authentication Scanners – The user needs to either
    provide a fingerprint or handprint that is verified by biometric

Generally it is only gaining access to an area that needs the user to be verified and not exiting, so request to exit devices will generally be a button that is pushed or a motion detector. When either motion is detected or the button is pushed the door will automatically unlock to enabling opening.

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Access Control Cabling

It is essential that you use quality cabling for your access control systems, as this will influence both how effective and reliable the system is as a whole. There is a special type of cabling to use within these security systems called access control composite cable. This type of cabling is a type of twisted cable that consists of four shielded compartments that have color-coded PVC jacket for ease of identification. The cable comes in a variety of different gauges and thicknesses to use depending on the type of data system that the access control system requires.

HikVision Certified

Your local Network Cabling Philadelphia team is very versatile in the brands that we have mastered in the Door Access Control field. While we will perform any brand installation per the clients request, we fully recommend the use of HikVision. The Bridge Cable Senior Technicians were trained and certified by HikVision themselves.

In addition, our entire team is able to set up your full install all the way to card access system and activating your key cards or fobs! We can have our computer experts set up your entire system including when each person may have access to which door at what time and even the entire system’s door schedule. We can also assist with helping you figure out if you want people only to have to scan coming into the door or both in and out. Lastly, our team can also install fingerprint, facial recognition and even elevator door access systems.

Not sure you are sold on the HikVision brand? Check out one of the Bridge Cable exclusive videos for a review on our of their Door Access Control products.

TUTORIAL Hikvision Access Control Review and Tutorial

Bridge Cable now offers the access control installation in Bensalem, PA as one of their wide range of services. Call today 877-832-1206. We also serve the Philadelphia Metro areas including Allentown, King of Prussia and Reading as well.

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