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Computer Network & Telephone Cabling

We offer repair and troubleshooting of network computer cabling for your home and business.

network cabling for your office or home in the philly area and tristate cities like New York City.We offer and install all low voltage wiring like data and voice network cabling. CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 and even FDDI is normally installed.

We do also home theatre installs of audio, video, tv wall mounts and even your wireless access points. CCTV and alarm systems for your residential, warehouse or any commercial property is also available.

Various network cabling services we provide:


  • Cabling & Cable Testing
  • Telephone & Voicemail Systems
  • Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Site Surveys and Management of Project
  • CCTV / Surveillance
  • AV Systems
  • Point of Sale / POS Cabling
  • WAP / Wireless Access Points Cabling
  • Data Centers Design and Installation
  • Moving and Technical Relocation Services

Whether is a complete network cable installation for Ethernet or fiber optics can also provide smaller repairs or troubleshoot down or faulty cables. Cabling certifications can provide the backbone of your network the proper bandwidth and connection. We can assist on office moves, either from one cubicle to another or even loss connections to the main office with a T1 or various terminations. Recently updated is our BLOG with guest writers and how to guides for your own knowledge.

Philadelphia Network Cabling

network cabling in philly, pa.Our offices in Philadelphia Pennsylvania supports New York and New Jersey cities as well. We typically offer a free Site Survey to help you plan your project. Once you call you are working with one of local Project Managers to physically review on-site the scope of work that you need. We can then factor in various hardware, assorted materials and labor to complete your project in a timely and under budget timeline. Cabling runs are typically 100 feet but we can extend lengths for various network cabling services or projects. Runs with RG59, RG6 or even CCTV require the proper planning and tools. POS, Point of Sale, systems are standard installs with Bridge Group Services,, providing the cabling support of your upgrade or complete install.

We support various telephone systems and their wiring. Our technicians have had training and experience with working on many systems like Avaya, PBX connections and the list goes on.

Companies need to realize their computer backbone is vital to their production and ensures ROI. Proper planning is the first start and with premier equipment, connections and even the cabling. We install and offer the warranties of the cabling we install, please contact us today for details. Cabling systems, cable management and the cabling infrastructure itself is a investment you must have done by true professionals with the experience you are looking for.

Network Cabling Installers

Our technicians offer a free Site Survey before you start your network projects. If you are handling this project yourself or want more information please refer to our learning center and various pages throughout the website. Some of the key factors to plan is the layout and management of your voice, data and various Ethernet cabling. Factor in the cable drops and the course you will lay them in, in a ceiling, thru access panels and make sure your building staff work with you. Always factor in more cable than you projected, friendly tip of the trade!

Emergency Network Cabling Help in Philadelphia

Contact our team for your no-obligation site survey project review today!