Give back to Philadelphia with older or unused computer equipment. Pay It Forward!

What  is this Pay It Forward program that Bridge Cable does? Simply put is when our techs are onsite doing a network or computer wiring installation we are in storage or server rooms. Usually in the corner is piles of older computers not in use. What to do with them is always a problem with IT staff, as I would hate to say this most are hoarders. I can say that, the author, as a former IT admin for Lexus Nexus and always liked to have spare units laying around.

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Rebecca is using her free computer for her new Philadelphia business.

Rebecca is using her free computer for her new Philadelphia business.

After Bridge Cable’s installation we at times can take older or used equipment from the companies. Our management allows our techs to store and update the equipment to hand over to people in need. Typically in the Philadelphia office we meet or post ads on Craigslist for donations. We generally find computer systems that we donate are used to start businesses or usage as a 2nd computer for kid’s homework. On the business side it’s really awesome to think we can help out other small businesses in the area. We, all businesses, started from the bottom and it’s great to put back in the local people that have helped us keep going after so many years. The homework help is really cool as who knows one of these small kids might turned into the next install tech or IT guru.

Jacob is using this equipment for his new networking business.

Jacob is using this equipment for his new networking business.

So what can you donate? Really anything? Monitors have been a big plus, kids these days enjoy seeing a flat screen attached to their home computer. Most companies are upgrading their 17 inch monitors or below these days. Even with slower CPU computers we can upgrade them with more memory or a larger hard drive. A favorite local computer store that does upgrades is Shantech Computer, 2026 Cottman Ave, Philadelphia,PA 19149 @ (215) 342-3688. We have used them in the past and can work with a budget.

Our techs also love free lunches! :)

Our techs also love free lunches! 🙂

We implore anyone with spare units or equipment to get them out of the closets and back on the streets. Some companies can do fancy stuff with a credit for their taxes but it is just faster to get them back in the hands of people that would use them.

Call us for any of your computer network wiring needs and if we are there we will gladly take stuff off your hands.

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