Back to the basics with a review of various network data cabling and terms.

Hey everyone! had always been trying to provide not only the best network cabling services but also the best free education about this subject.

For today’s special treat, we will be introducing Data and Networking Cables in simplest terms.

We know that we are now in an era where everything is wireless! But nothing beats cables and wires in data transfers. We are about to tell you what are these wires and their uses.

Coaxial Cables

These are the cables you use to connect from your TV to home antennas and also the benchmark for ethernet cables with 10mbps speed. It is basically most made with insulation and a conductor. That is why Coaxial Cables are used for transmission. Unlike other shielded cables, the proportions of coaxial cables are just enough to give exact and consistent conduction to make it effective as a transmission cable. Apart from being used for internet connections and distributing cable television signals, Coaxial cables are also used in transmitting radio frequency signals and digital audio. These cables also gives protection of the signal from outside electromagnetic interference.

data network cabling

Quick Fact – only uses premium network cabling for data runs.

Twisted Pair Cables

Twisted pair cables are the most commonly used transmission cable. These starts as a pair of conductor cables twisted to cancel out external electromagnetic interference. These cables are now the leading cabling standard for Ethernet at 10 mbps and up. 10mbps uses Cat3 or Category 3 and eventually improved to higher versions and now is up to Category 6 with enhancement. The higher the category, the higher speed it accommodates. When a Cat6e is wrapped with a grounded foil shielding, it can reach a full 10-Gigabit Ethernet speeds without sacrificing 100 meters maximum cable length. There are two types of Twisted Pair Cables: the Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Shielded Twisted Pair (STP).

Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic network cables are cables made of drawing glass that is a little bit thicker than a human hair. As an alternative to cables with metal insulation in electrical signal transmission, these cables uses these strands of glass and surge of light to transmit. In spite of being made of glass, these cables are bendable. Fiber optic network cables are very useful in wide area network installations as it necessarily requires long distance underground and outdoor cable runs and since these cables are flexible. They are also used in office buildings where a large volume of communication traffic is expected. Basically, Fiber Optic Network Cable is one of the best choices for an establishments that needs faster and heavy duty internet connection.

Patch Cable

A Patch Cable also known as patch cord or patch lead is used to connect one networking device to another networking device. This can be from a router to a hub, a switch, or a router. Patch cables can also connect a non-networking device to another such as headphones or microphone. Patch cables are relatively short (no longer than 2 meters) and is made in different colors so it can be easily identified. Basically these cords can be a coaxial cable, a UTP or STP or an optical fiber cables.

For the best looking racks we suggest custom patch cables.

USB Cable

Universal Serial Bus Cables are commonly used to connect with an external device like a mouse, keyboard or an external storage. USB Cable also features twisted pair wiring. This cable may not be for an internet connection but network adapters allow connecting an Ethernet cable to a USB port.

There are also other cables that may no longer be used in modern computers but still widely used on older home networks.

(Old School?? The Classics?)

Serial and Parallel Cables

These cables are used to connect a computer to another computer. They allow data transfers at speeds 0.115mbps and 0.45 mbps.

Crossover Cables

Crossover cables connects two Ethernet network devices to each other. These are cables used to connect devices of the same type. This is the difference between Patch Cable and Crossover Cable. A patch cable connects two different devices while a crossover cable connects two same devices.  Crossover cable may look very identical to standard straight through cable but they are different internally. Crossover cables can only be used for direct network connection. Trying to connect an old router to a network switch with a crossover cable can lead to a link malfunction.

Review and practice network cabling.

Remember to review our free training videos on Youtube.

These are some basic information about network cables that you might want to check. Explained in the easiest way possible.

Hoped you enjoyed the treat from, The leader in the Philadelphia area.

Always ready to serve. 877-832-1206

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Review of more great network cabling installation videos from Bridge Cable.

We gave you an overview of our first two videos from our previous blog post. As part of re-introducing our videos, we will continue to talk about the few videos we made for you. Bridge Cable, as always, aims to provide interesting and informative contents. Apart from those, we also wanted to share our clients’ experiences. The 3rd Video uploaded on Bridge Cable’s YouTube Channel is a review from one of our valued clients.

Take time to buy patch cables that actually fit?


Philadelphia Customer Review of Bridge Group Services for Their Network Cabling Work Onsite

A 30-second video of David sharing his review about Bridge Cables Network Cabling service.

David from IBM in Philadelphia shares how Bridge Cable provided service to the company. Bridge Cable worked on IBM’s Cat6 Network. It was a complete and full installation.

IBM or (International Business Machines Corporation) is an American Technology Company and has operation in over 170 countries. They manufacture and market computer hardware, middleware and software. They also provides hosting and consulting services. IBM has many headquarters and offices. One of which is in Philadelphia.

Check out what David has to say of how fast the service had been delivered, the quality of the output, and the whole team who worked for them. You’ll find out one of the reasons why Bridge Cable has been trusted by so many valued and prominent clients.

Plan out your IT setup with cable management. This helps down the road with troubleshooting new gear.

Official WiFi Network installation Planning | Philadelphia

Here’s another informative video by Bridge Cable. This is a 6-minute video of Paul talking about making installations easier and faster through better planning. Paul has been with Bridge Cable ever since it started and you will see him most of the time doing the actual work or doing these videos. Here’s a thorough breakdown of what the Video is all about.

Holiday-Inn called Bridge Cable for WIFI Installation and they basically wanted the whole building to be internet ready through WIFI. That is for them to provide better service to their clients. To make the system more organized and secured, Bridge Cable made thorough planning. Instead of connecting all WAPs or Wireless Access Points directly to the server room on the first floor where the MDF or Main Distribution is, they decided to put switches on each of the floor making it as a home run of the WAPs every floor. These switches are those which are directly connected to the MDF.

To explain another example, Paul showed how planning goes in a place where they cannot run a Radio Frequency Analysis. It was explained in the video that if a building is made of concrete or a dry wall, signal will mostly be degraded. Bridge Cable saturated with Line of Sight propagation in a building with such structure that blocks signal from one end to another.

But there’s more to learn on the video. Better check it out and see what else to know about WIFI Network Installation Planning.


Network Cabling Pricing for Installation and Costs | Official prices for Bridge Cable

The 3rd video I want to feature in this blog post is a 3-minute video showing the typical Network Cabling Installation costs. We believe that this is highly essential to know. This will basically save you thousands of dollars. It has always been the best to know the right price in whatever services or products you’re getting.

First thing you need to know is the minimum or average cost of an installation, and that is $125 to $150 most of the time. This covers a 150ft of actual wiring into a light duty office using drywall, removing previous wiring from the patch panel and installing a network jack. But there should be a lot of things to put into consideration. The video gives you a list of add-ons to consider into your budget. It includes the length, the brands, and all that stuff but most of all, the Cabling Reports. Before jumping or getting into a contract with Network Cabling Installation services, get to know the pricing.

These are just few of the type of videos Bride Cable’s YouTube Channel has to offer. Basically, it focuses on giving its subscribers more information about the nature of the job they’re doing and the services they offer. In the next blog post, there will be more videos to re-introduce. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment!


We are open to more suggestions of contents, but most importantly, call Bridge Cable for expert and best Network Cabling Services. Call us 877-832-1206.

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Leading Trainer of network cabling and tips on YouTube with close to a million views!

Bridge Cable has not only provided Network Cabling services but also offered free online tools and articles for clients to know more about the nature of the job as well as just for those who truly loved to learn new skills. Apart from Bridge Cable’s Blog and the Learning Center Tab on the website, it has various Social Media outlets that shares mostly updates and Network Cabling Tips. One of which is Bridge Cable’s YouTube Channel.  

5 years ago, Bridge Cable’s YouTube Channel uploaded their first ever tutorial video and that is Telephone and Voice Cabling Network Installation Guide. As we are re-introducing our YouTube Channel, here’s what the first video tutorial is all about.  

You can check the video in this link: 

This is a two-minute video and the first few seconds is showing a regular telephone wire. It’s not for network connection but the wire shown is for those that have office lines or an existing home lines.  

The video is showing the pinout of a regular telephone wire. It shows a solid, stipe, solid, stripe arrangement of the wires. It is a Category 3 cable with just 4 wires in them… it is also called “two pair”. This regular telephone wire is an RJ11. The presenter showed trimming the wires to make it neater, used a crimp to connect the head, and just followed the arrangement of the line as it is showing that he started with the blue wire. It was a very short one and was made to create an extension.  

With all our installs we get to visit some neat places….at times with some cool art! Right on Walnut Street in Philadelphia, PA

There are terms we need to understand first before we proceed to watching the video. Let’s start with Pinout.


This is a term used in electronics to outline how a cable is wired, or the purpose of each wire, also called pin, in a connector.  

The functions of contacts in electrical connectors, whether powered or signaling, should be determined so that these connectors can be interchangeable. When these are connected, each contact of connector must partner with the contact on the other connector. Basically, pinouts are important reference when building connectors, cables, and adapters. Pinouts are presented with a diagram.  

RJ for RJ11 

RJ stands for Registered Jack. A Registered Jack is a standardized telecommunication network interface for connecting voice and data equipment to a service provided by a local exchange carrier or long distance carrier. One of the most commonly used interface is RJ11 which is almost similar to RJ14. RJ11 established a bridged connection for one telephone line as well as RJ14 for two telephone lines.  

Category 3  

A Category 3 cable also called CAT 3, station wire, or VG (Voice Grade), is an unshielded twisted pair or UTP cable used in telephone wiring. CAT 3 is also used in computer networking for 10BASE-T Ethernet that gives out 10mbps speed. 


Looking for something?? We try to make different blogs and videos….BUT if you are looking for something. Tell Us! Please!


We learned a little bit about telephone wiring today with Bridge Cable’s first uploaded video. We have more videos to offer. You can browse through our YouTube channel for more short tutorials but we’ll give you some links here:  

The next uploaded video also gives you a very short and quick review from Jessica Anderson of Impact Solutions. You can check out the video here: and know what she has to say about Bridge Cable’s Network Cabling Service.

Retail, Commercial Buildings…..anything….we network cabling the HECK outta of the Philadelphia area!


Bridge Global Services is an expert of Copper Cabling Systems, Fiber Cabling System, Racks and Cable Management, Raceway Systems, Network Management, Network Identification Systems and Grounding Solutions. This had been the focus and theme of Bridge Cable’s YouTube Channel. They had been providing Network Cabling Services and expertise. Apart from sharing tutorials, review, and installation videos, Bridge Cable is also giving out tips, checklists, guides, and installation updates in their blog. A Learning Center section is also available for everyone that shares all you need to know about Network and Data Cabling and Installation. All of these are offered for free. Now all you need to do is Like, Share and Subscribe.  

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More Network Cabling Training – Round 2 – Great Bookmarks

We just gave you the best sites to learn Network Cabling for free in our previous post. At Bridge Cable, we don’t just offer you great network cabling services; we also encourage you to learn what we do and how we do it. In this blog post, we are going to share the best paid Network Cabling Learning Sites! Each of these will be giving you different approach and you can choose which one is perfect with your learning style.

Commscope specifically offers Infrastructure Training. They address topics from infrastructure design, installation and maintenance, to the challenges of cabling for intelligent buildings, CommScope Cabling Training Courses allow students to learn online, and at their own pace.

Providing a detailed cabling resource library, the CommScope cabling courses are simple to access and continues to support students well after course completion.

Training in network cabling is like anything else….one step at a time.


Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online in mastering new skills. Udemy’s Network Cabling courses has 4.8 Rating from students and the first review says the course is good for beginners. Curriculum of each courses are laid out so you will know what you will be learning about before going for it.

  1. is another online learning platform that helps anyone learns just about anything you wanted to learn including Network Administration. On the link provided, it will show you all video previous of the courses you will be taking. offers free month trial so you can go ahead and try how the platform works for you.


CNet Training offers courses and program for CNCI. It is a certification for Network Cabling Installers. CNet claims to be the global leader in Technical Education. Their programs provides overviews that will help you decide before enrolling to their courses.

These are just few but the best Online Training Platforms you can find. Why pay for Online Training? You get benefits that free online training does not offer like Certified Instructors, Downloadable resources and after training walkthroughs. These lists provided are certainly worth your money. If you’re looking for free online courses though, we’ve provided another list for you here (link). But wait there’s more…

Here is another takeaway from Bridge Cable… We gathered some YouTube links that features Network Cabling Tutorials:

Tutorials by Eli The Computer Guy

Eli The Computer Guy has been creating tech videos for 8 years. He got good reviews on his channel and now posting contents on his website

Here is Paul back in 2016 in our own warehouse setting up a training room for our techs!

Professor Messer Youtube Channel

In this video, you’ll learn about the characteristics of fiber communication, twisted pair copper cabling, cable categories, cabling in the plenum, and coaxial cables. You can check out more in his channel!

What Ethernet Cable to Use? Cat5? Cat6? Cat7? by Thio Joe

If you’re looking for the specifics, you can check out Thio Joe’s video tutorials. In this video he goes over the different types of ethernet cables and what each one does. If you like how he delivers his tutorials you should subscribe.

Of course, learn the Basics of Network Cabling through Bridge Cable!

Bridge Cable is not just your Network Cabling Hero. They have been making videos on YouTube for tutorials and learning. Apart from the Learning Center on the website, Bridge Cable has created a YouTube channel to show how things are done in their field. It also has reviews and tips. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel for more!

These are just some of awesome channels you can check out online if you want to learn the basics to the advance level of Network Cabling They may almost have similar contents but these people have different styles and approach. Just like the advice we’e shared you can choose which channels would best fit to your learning curve.

Are these links helpful? Let us know! And tell what you want you want us to post next time on the comments below!

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Data and Network Cabling Checklist for YOUR new Office in Philadelphia.

Network Cabling Checklist for New Office in Philadelphia or really anywhere!

Whether you are a small or big company, nevertheless, working on your Network Cables needs a good system and planning. There should be an orderly process to create a smooth and successful transition. Here’s another treat from We’re giving you a checklist for a clean and polished move!

Let our group of network cabling pros review your project plans.

  1. Site Survey


A Site Survey should be done first when thinking of working on your Network Cables. This is when you plan and make an analysis of the network environment. This includes:

  • Determining what is needed in the new office; voice data, video, and security.

*VOIP or Analog Telephone – Plan on VOIP Telephones and never forget to make the needed changes or request to bring the fax machine over.

*Wireless Internet or Wireless Access Points – Run out a new wiring into the ceiling for Wireless Internet solution.

*TVs for the VIPs, Lounges and Meeting Rooms – Making sure that a network jack, VGA port and an HDMI port is available in the conference room.

*DEMARC…Your Backbone Internet Connection – making it your first call to check on your service provider as it typically takes 45 days to make changes or install a new network cabling services into your new location.


  • Checking the existing network, evaluate the need of replacement or an additional equipment.
  • Drawing a plan with a detailed cabling design.
  • Making sure everything is provided including detailed space, power and cooling requirements for IT Spaces.
  • Working and negotiating with IT Vendors for best deals.


  1. Setting Up
  • Creating a floor plan considering the layout of the equipment and furniture.
  • Hearing and listing down requests and suggestions, meeting up with ITs and installers and giving supervision while installation is on going.
  • Allow a gap or provide time for issues that might occur while the project is ongoing.

We plan your data cabling installation in Philadelphia and other local areas.

  1. Moving
  • Evaluating and determining the downtime needed. Talk to your users or clients and let them know.
  • Being onsite on the first day to check and help any issue occurrence..
  • Collaborating with the providers and vendors for DNS and IP Addresses issues.
  • Assessing and determining the impact of the loss of server so as to know what should be done to minimize it.
  • Making sure that the network services are good to go before moving.
  • Creating a detailed relocation plan including the timeline and duties.
  • Transporting the appropriate key equipments and reinstalling it in the new office.
  • Cooperating with all other vendors, starting all server and making sure everything is up and running.
  1. Try-Out and Affirmation
  • Double checking the vendors test results and making sure that the systems are running and provide a detailed documentation.
  • Providing a hand in disengaging from old providers and services and disconnecting from the previous location.
  • Affirming everything by documenting all the works done and the new network system.
  • Securing and establishing the network by making sure that everything is working and is up and running.

Remember to plan any cubes and their power!

We have provided you the checklist on what to do for a successful office relocation. Let us know how your moving was done and if there’s anything we need to add. If you don’t wanna go through all of these, we are here to help. Call us at

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Philadelphia local 2017 Holiday Events! Relax with the friends and family!

It’s Christmas once again! The happiest and most amazing time of the year! Let’s take a break from talking about network cabling and let’s talk about the best things to do in Philadelphia this Christmas Season.

Happy 2017 Holidays!You can’t miss out these awesome traditions and festivities Philadelphia has to offer to light up your Holiday season experience!

  1. Philadelphia Christmas Village

The Christmas Village will be held at the revamped LOVE Park. it will be altered once again into a European wonderland as done yearly. The Christmas Village is an outdoor market ready to be filled for Christmas shopping this time in the heart of Center City. Apart from shopping, there will be street-side performances, special events and festive music for you to enjoy and feel the warmth of Christmas.

  1. Deck The Hall Light Show by Independence Blue Cross

Deck the Hall Light Show started November 20th and will run until January 1st of 2018 at Dilworth Park. This is a nightly choreographed light show sent onto Philly’s Historic City Hall for half an hour every hour on weekends. If you want to see blissful lights this season, this is the place to go.

  1. Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest

Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest recreated Penn’s Landing into a winterized riverfront park. The 24-year old outdoor skating rink made way to the 5th season as Winterfest and now the only outdoor regulation-sized rink in Philadelphia. Runs from November 24, 2017 until March 4 of 2018.

  1. Philly Holiday Festival

Now this is something you must check out! The festival kicked off last 23rd of November with a Thanksgiving Day Parade and will end on January 1, 2018 for the Mummers Parade. If you missed the tree lighting last 24th of November then you can still go and see the 50-foot-tall live tree at the north end of City Hall.

  1. Winter Memories Activities in the City Hall Courtyard that runs from 24th of November until the 24th of December. It was rebuild like a winter wonderland with lights across the trees plus a center carousel with 20 wood-carved horses, holiday wreaths and lights.
  2. The Holiday Railroad Display at Reading Terminal Market

Check out the five distinct vignette and 25 individual trains at the Holiday Railroad Display. The five distinct scenes include the 1930 Reading Terminal Market, Pennsylvania Dutch Countryside,The Underground – The Reading Terminal Market and Septa,The North Pole, and the Olde English Railway. The display is interactive and surely visitors will enjoy. (Sidenote: Only 1 booth is setup, their marketing team promotes a vast display…limited at best).

  1. The Christmas Underwater at Adventure Aquarium

Now transformed as an underwater winter wonderland, Adventure Aquarium features the tallest underwater Christmas tree. It is decorated with corals , colorful shells and twinkling lights! You can also take a photo with Santa Claus swimming under the sea plus a story session with an elf and a dance party!

  1. Franklin Square Holiday Festival & Electrical Spectacle Holiday Light Show

Another free light show that every Philly people must also visit are the festive lights at

Franklin Square. It’s main feature is the Electrical Spectacle with more than 50,000 lights set to a soundtrack of holiday music. The centerpiece is a 12-foot tall kite as an ode to Benjamin Franklin.

  1. The PHLASH Downtown Loop

This in season Holiday vehicle started daily service to popular Philadelphia spots until the end of the year! 22 stops in Philadelphia include Penn’s Landing, National Museum of Jewish American History, The Barnes Foundation, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum, the Perelman Building, Eastern State Penitentiary, The Franklin Institute, National Constitution Center, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Reading Terminal Market, the Shops at Liberty Place, the Please Touch Museum, the Philadelphia Zoo, One Liberty Observation Deck and the Museum of the American Revolution.

  1. Pennsylvania Ballet Presents George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker

Philadelphia is celebrating this Christmas with Pennsylvania Ballet’s George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker. The show will run from the 8th of December until the 31st of December. Continue Philly’s greatest family tradition by experiencing Marie and her prince’s love story and adventure brought to life. This will be in it’s 49th year in the Academy of Music.

These are just few of the Holiday events Philadelphia has prepared for you! Add a little sparkle to your Christmas and make it more memorable and festive and check these events listed!

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Free Network Cabling Training Bookmarks to help YOU

Here at, we just don’t want your network problems fixed, we also want you to know what we do… even learn what we do. Because of that, we have gathered few sites where you can learn about network cabling for free!!

In time with some training you could produce some work like this!


Here are 10 sites where you can get free resources in learning about Network Cabling. These are different sites with different approach. You can choose which site will work for you.


This site offers free CCNA courses. CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a certification from Cisco, the world’s most famous company that manufactures and sells networking equipment. This certification helps you to become familiar with a wide range of topics, including:

  • OSI and TCP/IP model
  • VLANs
  • Ethernet
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Network utilities (ping, tracert, arp)
  • STP
  • IP addressing
  • Subnetting
  • Routing protocols (RIP, EIGRP, OSPF)
  • WLAN
  • NAT
  • ACLs

Apart from resources, the site include new in networking industry that you might catch your interest.


Lantronix, Inc. is a global provider of secure data access and management solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) assets. Our mission is to be the leading supplier of IoT solutions that enable companies to dramatically simplify the creation, deployment, and management of IoT projects while providing secure access to data for applications and people. The site gives you information about Networking basics that might suit your taste.

Network cabling your home might require some tricky cuts!


Another generous site that offers Fiber Optics self study program. If you want to dig into Fiber Optics, then this is the best place to check.


Easy learning site specifically about networking cables and connections.


The site offers 8 Free Networking Classes!!


This is another fiber optic and networking learning site. It is visually good.


But of course, we can’t leave out Bridge Cable’s own learning center. This will be updated timely. You can also check out Bridge Cable’s blog for important tips.


This article is giving you links to sources and tools in learning Networking.

Remember to follow all building codes.


And nothing beats Wikipedia!

Network Cabling might be a little difficult to look at… especially those color coded cables and multiple ports. It is quite challenging. But as mentioned, these links above are free and you can always choose which one will help you learn the basics the easy way.

Up next on blog is the Best Paid Sites to learn Networking! Watch out!

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Proud to showcase some of our past clients in the Philadelphia area.

Meet some of Bridge Cable’s Clients!

The past year has been exciting and our growth is only due to our clients.

We would like to take the time to share some of them with you. This is in random and in no particular order. At times we also review their network cabling projects on our YouTube channel too.

AAA. – Reading, PA

AAA is located in 920 Van Reed Road PO Box 7049. Wyomissing, PA 19610. The Pennsylvania AAA Federation was formed as the Pennsylvania Motor Federation by six automobile clubs, encompassing 750 members, on March 1, 1906 in Philadelphia. The purpose of the Federation was to secure organized action from motorists around the state in order to promote the enactment of reasonable motor vehicle laws and secure a system of improved state highways.

DuPont. – Wilmington, DE DuPont Experimental Station, located in 200 Powder Mill Road Wilmington, DE 19803, serves as a key research site for DuPont. DuPont was the world’s largest chemical company but has just recently merged with The Dow Chemical Company and has created DowDuPont Inc., and now the world’s largest chemical company.

Nice and neat punch downs on one network cabling job! Are you next??

John Kennedy Ford – Jenkintown, PA

John Kennedy Ford Showroom, located in 1650 The Fairway, Jenkintown, PA, 19046, serves drivers from Jenkintown, Abington, Glenside, Willow Grove and Philadelphia. They offer a wide-range of exciting Ford models such as Ford Explorer, Escape, Fusion, Focus and F-150 helping you discover the vehicle that best matches your lifestyle.

Hampton Inn – Blackwood, NJ

Hampton Inn located in 5800, S Black Horse Pike, Blackwood, NJ 08012, United States, just 20 minutes from downtown Philadelphia, in scenic Gloucester County. A Hotel near the attractions that have become a pivotal part of American history, such as the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross House, the Edgar Allan Poe Historic Site and Independence Seaport Museum.

Holiday Inn Lansdale

Holiday Inn located in 1750 Sumneytown Pike, Kulpsville, PA 19443, USA just right off of Exit # 31 from the Northeast extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The Holiday Inn Lansdale is the perfect place to stay when traveling for business or leisure. We are conveniently located within a few miles of Lansdale, North Wales, Montgomeryville, Blue Bell, Skippack and only 30 miles from Historic Downtown Philadelphia.

At times crawling in dark places is needed to complete the project.

Konica Minolta – Dallas, TX

Konica Minolta in 14800 Landmark Blvd Suite 700, Dallas, TX 75254, USA, is a Japanese technology company headquartered in Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo, with offices in 49 countries worldwide, one is in Dallas, Texas. The company manufactures business and industrial imaging products, including copiers, laser printers, multi-functional peripherals (MFPs) and digital print systems for the production printing market. Konica Minolta’s Managed Print Service (MPS) is called Optimised Print Services.

Sloane Toyota – Philadelphia, PA

Sloane Toyota Showroom in Philadelphia is located in 1546 Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19111. Sloane Toyota Philadelphia offers a variety auto products and services to customers in the greater Philadelphia area. They also serve drivers in Conshohocken, Trevose, Center City or Langhorne with Toyota vehicles to used cars. Some of inventory includes models like the Corolla, Camry, Avalon, Sienna and Venza. Some of the other things they provide includes Toyota car repair, a body shop, original Toyota parts, and financing to help customers purchase the car of their dreams.

Victoria’s Secret – Langhorne, PA

Victoria’s Secret Outlet is located in 2300 E Lincoln Hwy, 1045, Langhorne, PA 19047, United States. Victoria’s Secret is a manufacturer, and marketer of women’s premium lingerie, womenswear, and beauty products.

Cable trays are a nice clean look to open ceilings or of course the server rooms.

Zentis North America – Philadelphia, PA

Zentis GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally operating family business with a long tradition and is one of the leading fruit processors in Europe. A partner of the food industry, Zentis has extended it’s industrial business internationally, one is in North America. The pioneering partner in research and development, manufacturer of fruit and savory, bases and finish products such as toppings, syrups, fillings, sauces, and icings serving the dairy, bakery, beverage, confectionery and food service industries. Specialties include handling of allergens, chocolate, and grains.

One of the reasons why client love us as mentioned in our recent blog post is because of our great track record. We have an amazing collection (and still growing) of prominent clients who trust us and who keep trusting us. The list above are just few but you can check out the complete list of clients here.

They trust us, will YOU trust us? Call us 877-832-1206

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Top 5 Facts Why Clients Hire Bridge and why YOU SHOULD TOO.

Clients love Bridge Cable!

Is this breaking news? No!

This is not a surprise and we can give you hundreds of reasons why. The list can go on and on, but since we value your time, we listed down Top 5 reasons why clients hire Bridge Cable.

0% Missed Deadlines. 

As mentioned, we at Bridge Cable value your time. With so much work to be done, we know that you cannot afford wasted minutes. With that main reason, our project managers and senior technicians will take care of the project from the 1st hour. From doing a site survey, providing a written analysis on current network environment to doing all the manual work in organizing your network, we all get these jobs done as swiftly as we can without compromising the quality of our work. That’s a guarantee. We even offer same day service and though we might be needing more hours on larger projects, we are a 100% sure of getting the job done on time. We are committed to working fast and with superb quality because…

We are a local team.

Just another LOCAL expert working for YOU.

Bridge Cable has the premier local team in the industry. Why is it important to have the local team? Why does it matter? We never have to take too much time having them learn the codes and become familiar with the surroundings because they already know. They know what they’re doing, they are very enthusiastic about getting your network situation done in no time because they are people who love to do these things. The team, one senior technician and few support members, are carefully handpicked to provide the best service in your big network cabling installation project. Bridge Cable is dedicated to making sure that you chose the right people for the job.





80% Repeat Business.

This is just one of the ideal reasons why people choose to hire Bridge Cable. We keep our great relationships with clients through making the greatest impressions. These people love the small works we do and eventually the next big ones. And they don’t just love the work, they TRUST Bridge Cable to do the job for their bigger projects. This reason makes us work harder and even better for more projects and more customers. You can head on to our Facebook page and our YouTube channel to know more about what our clients have to say about our service. We are very thankful.

Premium Parts – Installed.

Another great fact why clients choose us is because we only work with Premium Parts. One of our main goals is for our patrons to have a rock solid physical topology. We select the highest quality of cabling parts to make sure that you will never have to knock at our door complaining. We go back to not wasting time and we cannot afford any glitches nor little imperfections. We are very proud to say that we never had 0% defects, no complaints and 0% warranty claims in our entire business life.


Track Record – Who Trusts Us.

We provide premium service to the distinguished and the best companies so far. Holiday Inn, Victoria’s Secret, Ford, Toyota, DHL, Jimmy John’s… these are just few but we have a huge list of great companies who trust us and keep trusting us to get their installations done. You can visit the website to check the complete list of our valued clients.

They Trust Us……Will YOU?

And yes, we can give you more and more reasons to choose Bridge Cable. But with these 5 facts laid out, we have just given you more than enough answers as to why you should call Bridge Cable for your next Telecom Project. To provide you our topmost service is our first priority. We will be so happy to be part of your success story.

Call US 877-832-1206

Choosing the perfect company to get your Network Cable Installations done, whether on your first business or on your new home, is very critical. A very organized, firm, and unyielding physical network might be one of the rationales of your success.

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Welcome Theresa to her first day at Bridge Cable and her role.

My First Day With Bridge Cable

I feel so delighted to receive my first task with Bridge Cable today. I will be working as their Social Media Manager and Office Administrator. My first assignment is to explore and learn more about Bridge Cable and how they work, as it is a new environment for me.

Welcome our new Office Admin!

I looked through the website and there are a lot of things to learn about what they do. I understand a little about Networking Cabling when I worked as a technical support for a Networking brand before. As I dig into the website I refreshed my networking knowledge and got the chance to know more about Network Cabling.

More than knowing and understanding the cables, I realized that Network Cabling is not just pure manual labor.

Network Cabling Installation maybe a specialty but I found out that Bridge Cable also covers Remote IT Support, Troubleshooting and Consultation, and even doing a written analysis on current network and cable environment. Another thing I do not know of before checking out the website, but now I know is that Bridge Cable (which is based in Pennsylvania) also covers Philadelphia, Reading, New York, Maryland, and New Jersey. I am also stunned to know that Bridge Cable provides services not just in IT and Networking industry but they penetrate almost all industry, Residential and Commercial, from Hotels to Nursing Homes to Restaurants.

Talking about the website itself, I liked how it can be so helpful to someone who is new in the industry. It is very full of information, details were displayed in the simplest way it can. This is an advantage for clients who know nothing about Networking but would like to know of how the work will be done in their place. This will help them know that they called the right people. Their history were laid open in the site by clicking the Latest News tab. The website even have a Learning Center tab for everyone who would like to know about Network Cabling and it’s for free!

Lastly, but never the least of course, the best thing about Bridge Cable is their Pay It Forward campaign, where they pick up older computer and equipment to refurbish to be given to those families and smaller companies in need. A company that is happy for the opportunity to serve and help others.

Let us know if you would like to donate computers!

Apart from the website, I also looked into their Social Media Sites. Their Facebook Page: which has a decent following of almost 4,700 people is very much updated. If you want to see the latest about what Bridge Cable is up to, you can just visit their Facebook Page. In their page their service is rated 4 stars, 3 5star reviews with sweet words about the company and their service.

Found them on Instagram too! may need more good photos to feature. It only has 6 photos uploaded with only 36 followers. We can work on posting more photos of Bridge Cable heroes in action.

I also visited and subscribed to Bridge Cable’s YouTube channel and found a lot of helpful videos about Network Cabling. They have 482 subscribers, currently but GROWING,  who get to have free tutorials and tips from Bridge Cable people themselves. I watched a video which was uploaded just recently. The video is about sharing tips in Residential Cabling. It covers topics on what to expect and basically what they can do. This is a good venue for a potential client before they let these heroes do their house. It is their best portfolio as it also features client reviews.

Bridge Cable is also on Twitter Also updated like Facebook. With 1200 followers, the Twitter account can be your go-to site when asking questions for Bridge Cable, as done by other companies as well. It can be the fastest customer service site.

As I explored Bridge Cable sites today, what I understand is that what I had today was just an overview of the nature of the job they’re doing. It will take time for me to familiarize every jargons and terms. But the overview today helped me know who are our clients and the best approach to our market.

It was a fun and a very informative first day for me with Bridge Cable.

Call us for your next network cabling installation project! 877-832-1206

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