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Philadelphia Area Computer Network Cable Installation
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Structure Cabling

Structure Cabling for Telephone, Voice, Data and all Networking Installations. Installs of Data Centers, Server Rooms, MDF, IDF, Relays, Patch Panels, Raceway Solutions and Cable Management.


MACs, Moves, Adds and Changes. Single drops or locations. Demarc Extensions for your backbone cabling.

Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support – All Project Teams onsite lead by Certified IT technicians with various backgrounds in Cisco, Microsoft, etc. We work with remote IT staffs for local or remote branches or offices to provide national and regional coverage.

Residential Wiring

Residential wiring and support with rates lower than all major telephone and cable companies with Same Day Service.

System Wiring

Fire, Alarm, Telephone Systems, CCTV and Security Systems


Troubleshooting of all cabling with Certification, Audits and Stress Testing of cabling. Inspects the cabling of CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 and Fiber at the physical layer.

Outside Plant Wiring

Outside Plant Wiring, Manufacturing and Warehouse cabling for high demand industrial and harsh environments.

More Than Just Data Cabling

  • Cabling Installations – Voice, Data, Network and Fiber
  • IT Services and Setup
  • Cable Testing – Category 5e, 6, 6A and Fiber Certifications
  • DEMARC Extensions and Backbones
  • TV Mounting
  • M.A.C.’s – Moves, Add and Changes
  • Security Cameras Cabling and Setup
  • Lan / Wan Design
  • Point of Sale and Retail Systems Cabling
  • Design and Installation of Data Centers
  • Other Low-Voltage Installation Projects

Pay it Forward Program

payitforwardcomputerdonateWe currently are working with a “Pay It Forward”the refurbishes older computer and equipment for families and smaller companies in need. We are proud of the opportunity to serve and help others. Review some more information on this page here.

Network Cabling Services

Our Project Managers work with you and your company to provide the best installation guidelines and budget before you start your work.

Avoid project delays of improper planning, broken cables, missed deadlines and the list goes on. We value the opportunity to be a valued partner in your companies’ project.

Weekend and Weeknight installs at no additional costs. View Here
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Wireless Network Installation

Wireless networks for your office or home are installed right the first time. Whether the installation is in a warehouse or small office environment we are experts at what we do.

Quick Tip: Install a second network access point or router for guests to ensure you have the best security throughout your network. With various mobile devices, including your employees, it’s best to send this traffic to another wireless connection.

See our Wireless Install page as well.

Network Cabling Installation: New Jersey & Philadelphia Metro Service Areas.

best network cabling installation

Bridge Global Services is a leader in: Copper Cabling Systems, Fiber Cabling System, Racks and Cable Management, Raceway Systems, Network Management, Network Identification Systems and Network Grounding Solutions.

Below you can find tips from our experts! You can also review our information and expert advice – Visit our BLOG

Tips from the Pros: Network Cabling for Outside Security Cameras

Network Cabling Installation Tip: Ensure your network devices and cabling is protected from lightning and other electric surges. With unpredictable weather this will cause your network to go down.

 Data Wiring Planning Tip: Planning your network and the bandwidth is the key to a proper installation. Plan for future growth as in VOIP, Gigabit and other high power applications are used. Correct foresight is key.
Cable Data Maintenance and Removal: The 2002/2014 Updated NEC policy is now law. Fire and building codes now address the issue of abandoned-cable cleanup. Remember to follow code and remove excess and old cabling after use.

Emergency Network Cabling Help in Philadelphia

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